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Hoop Fitness with Poppy

This one-hour hoop fitness class could lose you 450 calories! A cardiovascular fitness program that will get oxygen flowing round your body as you flow around your hoop. Not only will you be exercising your body but also your mind, developing strength, balance and coordination!

During each class your will learn a sequence of tricks; these will culminate in a dance routine. Each week the hoop dance will focus on working different parts of the body, we will dance to a range of music that will get your body pumping!

October Healthy Holidays | Ping Pong with PingPong4U

Ping Pong 4 U deliver fun, inclusive ping pong sessions designed to get everyone engaged in this fast-paced sport. Our coach Hamza, will teach kids the basic skills they need to help them build up to rallies and games.

Great for developing a healthy sense of competition, boosting hand-eye coordination and getting a little exercise while having lots of fun! These workshops are open level so anyone can come along, whether they've played ping pong before or not.

Suitable for families

Tickets per person attending (child & adult)


Six Week Yoga Beginners Course

The course has been specifically designed to give you the skills and confidence to attend any of our all levels classes.

There will be a different focus each week, culminating in a full hour vinyasa flow in week 6 using all of your new skills.

Week 1: sun salutations
Week 2: warrior poses
Week 3: foundational standing and seated postures
Week 4: balance and heart opening postures
Week 5: intro to inversions
Week 6: full sequence flow


Broga - our first men's only workshop.

Join Dave for a strong, dynamic, flowing class, incorporating elements of ashtanga yoga, PNF stretches (activated strength stretches) and body weight exercises.

All of this will be linked together by a focus on deep breathing throughout all the movement and postures. It is this focus on deep breath and your own individual feeling within the body that brings about a state of yoga.

Hongi - Re-Launch Celebrating the Spiritual Diverse Earth Mother

Join us in Livity as we celebrate Global Motherhood - Expectant & New Diverse Mothers

Its a blessing to be back! At our NEW monthly meetings @JohnLewis #communityroom, Fourth Floor

In a Global Crisis diverse mothers are still experiencing childbirth & childrearing in turbulent times...

Parenting is furthermore a challenge and child mortality rates increase thus the quality of life of new or expectant mothers is a global challenge. 

AcroYoga Leeds

AcroYoga is a dynamic partner practice that blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a partner practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community.

The session will be split in to two parts, with the beginners workshop running from 6pm – 7pm, followed by the open session from 7pm – 9pm.

Hip Hop Yoga

After an absolutely banging come back to Hip Hip yoga last month, we return for Women of Hip Hop, a 90 minute empowering celebration of the females who have made Hip Hop what it is today.

Join Gaby for a flow that embraces feminine energy in all its twists and turns. Fiery, watery, soft and strong. Let’s release, be challenged, connect and have some fun soundtracked by the likes of Lil kim, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill & Cardi B!

If you haven’t practiced this class before, here’s how it goes:

Yoga Adjustment Day

Online yoga and Covid restrictions have contributed to many yoga teachers feeling out of practice with the art of physically adjusting students in yoga and this workshop is specifically designed to support and revive hands on support as a key part of a yoga teacher’s repertoire.

In my experience an adjustment can replace hundreds of words of verbal instruction in an instant. With correct technique and judgement adjustments are not only safe but transmit wonderful layers of awareness to a yoga practitioner.