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Drink & Draw

February’s Drink & Draw celebrates the joy of collage.

Head to The Tetley to explore the simple pleasures of cutting up paper and using found images to create a new artwork.

Looking at artists who work with collage or have collage-like art practices, the session introduces different techniques and approaches.

You can create a traditional collage, or experiment with mixed media.

Drink & Draw

Join The Tetley for the first Drink & Draw of 2022!

This relaxed, creative evening is the perfect chance to reconnect with friends (and even make new ones).

In this session we’ll be exploring portraiture. You’ll experiment with using mirrors and also partner up and draw each other.

The Expressive Mark

This exhibition celebrates the work of British artists in the second half of the 20th century.

Discover a crucial moment in the history of British art, a period where the influence of Abstract Expressionism in America was filtering across the Atlantic.

The inspired British artists produced works on a new scale that embraced the possibilities of abstraction. They also developed new signature mark-making techniques.

Ellie Way's Leeds Travel Posters

It might be tricky to get away this summer but Ellie Way's Leeds Travel posters are a great reminder of why there's no place like home. 

Ellie initially started designing posters of the local settings on her ‘one walk a day’ around Wakefield during the first national lockdown in 2020 to encourage positive conversations during an uncertain time and connect people to the places that were on their doorstep. 

Made With Music - Accessible Mini-Gigs

Made with Music produced 3 sold-out Mini-Gigs for families at the Brudenell Social Club, working with Ed Heaton (Music Producer) and family support groups in Leeds (SNAPS, Little Hiccups, Sunshine and Smiles) who support families who have a disabled child or child with additional needs. The events promoted respect and inclusion between disabled and non-disabled communities through a shared love of music. By the second mini-gig 5 families who booked had a disabled child and by the third gig, 40% of families who booked had a disabled parent or child, some of whom we had never met before.