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Shaping the course of modern science: William Henry Bragg and his legacy at the University of Leeds

Sir William Henry Bragg, and his son Lawrence, changed the way we understand the world around us, all from a laboratory at the University of Leeds.

Coinciding with the development of the new Sir William Henry Bragg building, and as part of the Bragg Cultural Programme, this exhibition reveals the story of Bragg’s Nobel Prize winning work.

Mister Finch: Book Signing and Museum Display

Come along to Leeds City Museum to the exclusive book launch and display of The Museum of Figments, by Mister Finch.

A local textile artist and creator of meticulously detailed and fantastical beings, Finch's latest story acts as a tour guide around a secret museum. You will encounter the magical beings and objects it holds within its walls.

What are Figments exactly and what is their mysterious role with witches? You can find out in this strange concoction of images and short tales which will bewitch children and adults alike.

Jill McKnight, Confabulations @ Hyde Park Art Club

Stories have been told since even before humans learned to read and write. Fairytales and folk tales are passed on through the generations, helping us navigate the world as we grow. Symbols, themes and characters from fairytales are often so embedded in culture or family values that they cannot be separated. We see ourselves reflected in them. Through them, we understand ourselves more fully and find commonality with others.

In Confabulations McKnight’s new works follow memories from the artist’s upbringing as fabricated stories.

Immense Insects: a macro photography display

Join us at Leeds City Museum as we explore our incredible insect collection like never before through macro-photography.

We’ve been working with Ed Hall Macropro Photography to bring our insect collection to you in a larger-than-life way.

The photographs in this display show off some of our most spectacular specimens in incredible detail. You can also see the real insect specimens to compare them.

Can you match up all the details revealed in the photos with the real-life bugs?

Sculpture Show North

Art lovers, especially those who enjoy sculpture, are in for a treat when Sculpture Show North comes to Leeds.

Mostly Yorkshire-based, 16 sculptors are exhibiting over the ten days. At times during the course of the event, many of the artists will be present to chat about their work.

Harmonious Muck - Cal Lewis

Cal Lewis presents his first gallery show ‘Harmonious Muck’, a playful visual exploration into the bittersweet experience of Western 21st century living. Using his experimental and dynamic painting style, Cal takes us on a dream-like adventure into the subconscious of our post-lockdown society and the hive-mind of our collective consumer comfort blanket.