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Leeds School of Architecture, Professional Practice Symposium – New Infrastructures of Collective Value

The fourth annual Architecture Professional Practice Symposium, and second to be streamed online, poses the question ‘What are our new infrastructures of collective value?’ From developing creative and cultural strategies which work towards democratic value, to recycling and retrofitting the built environment to reconsider the innovation of places for local people, developing revolutionary ‘dark matter’ to respond to the technological revolution or undertaking radical fieldwork to empower groups to respond to the climate emergency, architects are increasingly utilising their varied skills d

Dreams of a Low Carbon Future

Paleoartist and Science Communicator James McKay from Leeds University is known as "The Man who draws the Future" He is an artist who has worked with world-leading scientists to communicate challenging and difficult topics.

He will talk on using creativity and visual arts to imgine a zero carbon future, concentrating on positive, optimistic pathways while fully recognising the challenges ahead. The talk will be of interest to anyone wanting to understand climate change from a different perspective.

Studio 42 Photography Project for Carers - an Introduction

‘Studio 42’ is a new year-long digital photography project running from January to December 2022, open to all Carers in Leeds who are interested in getting creative with their camera, or who have never picked up a camera before and fancy trying something new…

The project will take place both online using zoom, plus face-to-face sessions in Skippko’s new venue in Holbeck, or in outdoor spaces as we venture out with our camera’s.

The project will have an emphasis on sharing skills and ideas, time for self, reducing stress and being connected to other people.

Café Economique: Universal Basic Income and Universal Basic Services: Complementary or Competitive? Do we need to choose?

A Zoom Talk with speakers, Dr Simon Duffy, Centre for Welfare Reform and Anna Coote, New Economics  Foundation

Simon Duffy will argue that advocacy for Universal Basic Income ( UBI) is our best chance to fight growing poverty, insecurity and inequality. Basic income does not only help us tackle many of the serious economic problems we face but it also opens the door to a more empowered, healthy and engaged democracy.

Anna Coote  will talk about “Life’s essentials for all: the case for universal basic services and the Social Guarantee.”

Sustainable marketing: What it is. Why it matters. Where to start.

Leeds Beckett University’s Business School are joined by Gemma Butler from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) who will discuss how marketing has a significant role to play when it comes to promoting and driving sustainability, whilst also needing to recognise that it is also part of the problem.

In this talk, Butler addresses how working towards a more sustainable future requires every part of the stakeholder chain to come together, and it is now more important than ever for brands to communicate their responsible and sustainable practices.

Promoting Diverse Employment in the Heritage and Arts Sector

Can you help close the gap between learning in schools to earning in the workplace?

Luminate Education Group and Leeds Museums & Galleries are leading the way in making a difference to the lives of people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). 

Join us to find out the importance of employing people with SEND and learning difficulties, with a key focus on career development and employment within the heritage and arts sector. Luminate Education Group is delivering this programme on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation.