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A Mighty Fall From Grace

A Mighty Fall From Grace follows the life of a Bradford Bulls fan, whom over several years watches his club deteriorate on and off the field and whose mental health deteriorates throughout as a result.

This hard-hitting piece tackles subjects of depression and schizophrenia in a relatable way, with light-hearted, comedic moments throughout.
The one hander won best play at a showcase event at the Lowry theatre in Salford in 2019, before being performed at the inaugural Bradford Fringe Festival in the same year.                                       

Planet LOL

Over the past two years the future is unwritten has worked with scientists, psychologists, politicians, parents, publicans and artists to question how we face up to climate crisis.
Writer/director Paul Hodson explores these issues in his new play which has its world premiere in October. Planet LOL is a comedy about a whole society, living on a planet made of solid gold, where the climate is idyllic, and the inhabitants seem happy. But all that glisters… 


Fresh from a debut run at the Pleasance, Edinburgh Fringe 2021.

In the not too distant future, millionaire and inventor (think Elon Musk with a further attitude problem) ‘Hugh’ from Hu-Bris industries is launching the first superhuman artificial intelligence at a press conference. And you’re invited. ‘Eugene’ is a show about what happens when we give technology the power over us, with an anthropomorphic power point. Think The Terminator does a Ted Talk with Steve Jobs.

My Life With The Wave

When I left that sea, a wave moved ahead of the others. She was tall and light. In spite of the shouts of the others who grabbed her by her floating skirts, she clutched my arm and went leaping off with me. – Octavio Paz –

My Life with the Wave is a multisensory installation that combines digital technology and emotive performance which place the audience at the centre of the experience. Inspired by Octavio Paz’ poem of the same name, Interplay Theatre has created an interactive and poetic experience that guides the curious-minded through an immersive underwater world.

My Old Man

Part theatre, part film, imagine if’s My Old Man will have its world premiere at Prime Studios, Leeds on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November, before embarking on a UK tour to theatres and community venues.

A follow-up to imagine if’s 2019 stage show Jadek, My Old Man is the story of old, blind, Polish soldier Michał and his Yorkshire-born granddaughter Tasha.

My Old Man stars Paul Shelley as Michał and imagine if’s Artistic Director Chesca Cholewa (previously known as Chesca Joy) reprising her role as Tasha.

Be Part Of 12 Songs at Leeds Playhouse

People of Leeds – do you know an Uber driver? A butcher? A watchmaker? How about a stockbroker? A factory worker? A philosopher? An ICU nurse?

Transform are seeking Leeds workers to be part of an extraordinary event that will create a portrait of the city, this October.

Each person will be invited to work a shift on stage at Leeds Playhouse – and be paid for their time. They’ll demonstrate what they do and respond to questions about their work and lives.

12 Last Songs

World premiere of a new durational performance by Manchester-based, internationally renowned company Quarantine. 

Nice to meet you, what do you do?

‘12 Last Songs’ is about work.

Making a living. Finding your passion. Watching the clock. 

‘12 Last Songs’ constructs a fleeting portrait of society. There are no actors. It’s a live exhibition of people, an epic performance that casts the steady rhythms of life on a carnival scale.  

The Dong with a Luminous Nose

Edward is a bit of an oddball. A shy and troubled boy, he is always watching the horizon, waiting for something to happen. Then one day “the Jumblies” arrive, and his life is turned upside down… then shaken about a bit… and then a bit more!

With a huge and colourful cast of abstract and figurative puppets, this absurd take on Lear’s nonsense classic explores that difficult age between being a child and becoming an adult. Dancing chairs, a troublesome telephone and a swarm of shape-shifters all play their part in this tale of a lonely boy who has difficulty facing up to the facts.