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You Me and Autism Too - An Exhibition by Colin Potsig

You Me and Autism Too - An Exhibition by Colin Potsig
Dates and times

21 Mar 2019 - 27 Apr 2019

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Inkwell Arts

31 Potternewton Lane , Chapel Allerton, Leeds, LS7 3LW

Colin Potsig has produced a compelling collection of portraits of other people with autism, where the directness and intensity of the gaze is the central theme.

This is an ambitious new series of portraits of autistic people who have carved out successful professional careers. Some, working in the creative industries, are well known actors, musicians and TV presenters.

His subjects and collaborators are interesting, impressive and varied, including the opera singer Sophia Grech, comedian Paul Wady, actor Jules Robertson, professional rugby player and ‘Undateables’ star Tom Morgan, and Temple Grandin, Professor of animal science at Colorado State University,

Colin has been experimenting with a more fluid and expressionistic approach to portraiture. He has collaborated with his sitters who have incorporated additional elements to their portraits e.g.  handwritten scripts, pages from books, objects etc - to create a more complex and multi-layered portrayal.

In his early 40’s, Colin started to use the processes of formal portrait photography to challenge his condition. One of the key characteristics of autism is difficulty communicating and forming relationships with other people. For Colin, to fleetingly meet someone’s gaze in a greeting can be overwhelming and cause enormous anxiety. But despite these obstacles and with a growing sense of purpose he has collaborated with his sitters to create ‘Me You and Autism Too’ Exhibition at Inkwell Arts that will be on display from Thursday 21st March. The official Launch will take place in Autism Week on Tuesday 2nd April 5.30pm to 7.30pm. 

Colin will be in attendance with his Mentor, Artist Julian Germain and they will give a brief talk about Colin and the work.

The exhibition will be on display until Saturday 27th April.

This project has the potential to reach a large audience and could therefore significantly advance the level of discussion and debate about autism and mental health in the UK. There are known to be at least 700,000 people on the autistic spectrum and there are a further 3 million dealing with a close relative who has the condition. It’s clear that a deeper understanding of autism would be of enormous benefit, not simply to those affected, but to society as a whole.

Colin Potsig Autism Project. List of confirmed participants
1. Derek Paravicini
2. Paul Wady
3. Sophia Grech
4. Luke Jackson
5. Alan Gardner
6. Wenn Lawson
7. Haydn Gardner
8. Robyn Steward
9. Jamie Knight (and lion)
10. Max Weaver
11. Anne Hegerty
12. Jonathan Andrews
13. Laura James
14. Kaner Flex
15. Julia Mallon
16. Violet Fenn
17. Willard Wigan
18. Rachael Lucas
19. Robert White
20. Carly Jones
21. Kate Fox
22. Anna Berry

Exhibition dates and viewing times
Thursday March 21st until Saturday 27th April

Viewing Times
Tuesday to Friday 9.30am until 4.30pm
Saturdays 10am to 4pm

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