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Woman On Fire

Dates and times

6 Mar 2020 7:30pm

Show Map

Otley Courthouse

Courthouse Street, Leeds, LS21 3AN

This explosive one-woman show celebrates the centenary of women first winning the vote and takes you into the fiery core of the UK militant suffrage movement. A journey that will take you from Preston to Manchester - London to Glasgow and back.

How far you will go for what you believe in?

Enter the heart of one of the most dangerous women, in history. Terrorist or impassioned freedom fighter? This dynamic solo-performance lets you decide.

The turbulent history of the suffragettes, through the eyes and life of an unsung suffragette - Mrs Edith Rigby mild-mannered doctors wife, with a secret identity arsonist, bomber and militant suffragette.

What makes a little girl of principle become a lurking shadow in the night?

Woman on Fire sheds light on suffragette history and the mystery that is Edith Rigby.

What people are saying about WOMAN ON FIRE


"A thrilling story of how militant British suffragists fought for the vote. This is a thrilling paen to the bomb-throwing and window-smashing militant British suffragists. A powerful play written and directed by John Woudberg and vividly performed by Claire Moore."


"John Woudbergs exciting script is full of poetic language, as well as the sharp wit and defiant spirit of a woman prepared to risk everything for what she believes in. Moores excellent performance captures the complexities of a fascinating, clever and funny woman, born ahead of her time. A compelling insight for anyone interested in human rights or who simply appreciates a well-told story about a defining point in our history"


"Claire Moores powerful performance reflects the enigmatic nature of Edith Rigby. John Woudbergs script for Woman On Fire exploits the current mania for cinematic superheroes. Like a superhero, Edith Rigby leads a double life challenging the forces of oppression. She is a mild-mannered homemaker and social reformer who becomes an aggressive militant. In her political activism, and even her home life, Rigby adopts disguises and there is even a moment equivalent to Bruce Wayne encountering the bat as Rigby emerges from a brutal encounter with the police transformed into a Woman On Fire."

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During this period of social distancing and lockdown due to Coronavirus we advise that you check directly with the organiser of this event that it is going ahead as publicised.

price - £12

  • Wheelchair access

The Courthouse is fully accessible, with lift access to the first floor.

Otley Courthouse
  • Wheelchair access
  • Show
  • Theatre
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