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Wolves by the Road

Wolves by the Road
Dates and times

16 May 2019 - 5 Jun 2019

Show Map

Assembly House

44 Canal Road, Leeds, LS12 2PL

Emma Fineman, Aly Helyer, Yulia Iosilzon, Francisco Rodriguez and Anna Jung Seo.

Curated by Kate Mothes

Opening May 16th (2019) 6-9pm.

On through til June 5th (2019) 

Opening hours vary. TBA. Call or text Suzy on 07540382877.

Wolves by the Road explores the space between familiarity and the unknown. The artists in this exhibition produce paintings that are often figurative while also questioning the relationship of the figures to their surroundings. As viewers we are included in this, sometimes invited into the scene. Other times we are voyeurs, unsure whether we should remain too long. The works oscillate between cheerfulness and darkness, comfort and dread, like a party with the lights flickering in and out. Things start to feel a little sinister. Is everyone accounted for?

 Kate Mothes is an independent curator and founder of Young Space ( / @yngpsc). She received a Masters in Art History, Theory and Display from Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh, and her Bachelors in Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition to yngspc online exhibitions, selected recent exhibitions include Memory Palace at Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska; Settling the Ghost and BIG LINK at Standard Projects, Hortonville, WI; and Conveyor at Morgan Fine Arts and Film Center, Brooklyn, New York. She is based in Wisconsin.

Wolves by the Road is part of Painting Programme. 

Painting programme is a seven-month programme of painting exhibitions curated by different painters, each of whom are invite by Assembly House studio holders. The exhibitions which will explore the role, possibilities and responsibility of collective artistic activity today as well as expose the curators’ unique approach to making, and their appreciation of dynamics within art.

The programme is structured by each studio holder who extends an invitation to another painter, each of whom has been asked to curate a painting-focused exhibition. Within this framework the curating artist can navigate their own interests for each exhibition. The exhibitions will bring together a range of artists within the philosophy that they are all painters together, pitching in and carving out ideas across a broad spectrum of creative activity. 

Each exhibition will expose the curators’ unique approach to making, and their appreciation of dynamics within art. It will also give them chance to develop meaningful relationships and dialogues between artists. The programme is broadly removing the role of the gallerist as curator with the value of handing direction to artists.

Guest Curator

Kate Mothes 

Exhibiting Artists 

Emma Fineman | Aly Heyler | Yulia Iosilzon | Francisco Rodriguez | Anna Jung Seo 

Programme Co-ordinators

Suzy Babington | Rufus Newell | Jack Towndrow | Rosie Vohra

Painting Programme is co-ordinated by Assembly House studio holders.

Image Info: Francisco Rodriguez

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During this period of social distancing and lockdown due to Coronavirus we advise that you check directly with the organiser of this event that it is going ahead as publicised.

Please message 07540382877 for an appointment. All welcome, anytime!



Please access through the grey fire door directly next to Slates furniture shop

Assembly House
  • Free Event
  • Family friendly
  • Exhibitions
  • Visual Art
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