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Watch Your Mouth!

Online Event
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29 Jan 2021 & 30 Jan 2021

Online Event

A poetry and film showcase from Open Source Arts.

Over two evenings, and in collaboration with filmmakers, animators, and poets, we explore how the creatives play on the senses of sight and hearing to multiply the impact of projects. Rather than just add-ons, film and poetry enhance each other to present something that is more than the sum of two separate projects.

After viewing a range of poetic styles and film formats, including short films, animations, we discuss the processes, motivations, and creative dexterity necessary to create a spoken word film and assess the techniques used in both forms as individual practices and collective practices. We are also including some documentaries as they can also share a similar motif of using film and speech to convey messages pertinent to the creative producer.  

Our guests will also share some of the lessons they have learnt in collaborating with creatives with different skill sets and the dynamic nature of working with multiple art forms.

Whether you write poetry, make films, or documentaries, and have an interest in broadening how your craft translates, or you’re just interested in any of these art forms, then we hope this is the event for you. We hope to ignite some inspiration for breaking through your own creative limits in these winter months.  

The event is over two evenings, on the 29th and 30th January, from 6-9pm on both days. We will show four sets of spoken word films, accompanied by Q+As and discussions. The event will be live-streamed and hosted on zoom and the films will be synced for group watching through the ‘Watch Together’ app. 

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During this period of social distancing and lockdown due to Coronavirus we advise that you check directly with the organiser of this event that it is going ahead as publicised.

Pay As You Feel

This is a Pay As You Feel event. We understand that for many of us, having money is not always guaranteed.  Some days we may have more and other days we may have less. If you are able to meet the suggested donation of £5 then please do so.  If you can go beyond that, we welcome you!  This will support others who may not be able to meet the suggestion. Of course, there is no obligation and we appreciate your contribution all the same! We want you, the community to be empowered and able to come along and join in to feel safe and satisfied in the knowledge that you are helping and supporting each other to be there, and are enabling Say It With Your Chest to continue running and thereby helping the arts community in Leeds become stronger and more sustainable.

Online event

Online Event
  • Adults only
  • Discussion
  • Film
  • Online
  • Spoken Word
  • Talk
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