Tom Royston will be the featured artist at the inaugural In Tune With event.
Mon 27 Jun 2022
In Tune With: Tom Royston and the Readymeal Jazz Band
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In Tune With is an event series that innovates upon the standard experience at creative events. The series brings together two different forms of creative arts to offer an immersive and exciting sensory experience.

For our first instalment, In Tune With invites two stalwart members of the Leeds creative community to express themselves in harmony: artist Tom Royston and the Readymeal Jazz Band.

Throughout the performance, Tom Royston will live paint his reaction to the music and the audience. Before, there will be an exhibition displaying some of Tom’s latest work, where the audience will be able to meet Tom himself, as well as network with other members of Leeds’ thriving creative communities.

The proceeds raised from this event will be donated towards the formation of a new foundation supporting the mental health of creatives across the UK named the MHAC Fund. Donations are very welcome, and will be accepted at the event.

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Featured artist: Tom Royston

Tom Royston is a professional artist, creative director and mental health advocate. He sells commissions internationally, and works on an array of conceptual projects. The art he makes is striking and organic. The textures and forms leap off of the canvas, and continue their story long after viewing. But above all, the artwork is a process.

Indeed, it’s this calculated artistic process the audience will be able to observe, as he embarks upon another creation through reacting to the music, and the energy and presence of the audience.

Featured Music: Readymeal Jazz Band

Readymeal is a multi genre label that was founded in Leeds. At the centre of their creative operation is the in-house Readymeal jazz band; a lineup of musicians boasting an abundance of skill and experience.

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    Mon 27 Jun 2022
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