Sustainable Fashion examples
Tue 18 Jan 2022 - Tue 29 Mar 2022
Sustainable Fashion Design and Making Course
Adults only
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Swarthmore Education Centre

Get Creative! Buttons, ribbons, embroidery and beading, cutting up old jeans! 

This innovative, creative and fun upcycling fashion course enables you to bring to life to a pair of your favourite jeans, for example, or, an old t-shirt, a dress, even tailoring a man’s shirt into a woman’s shirt etc. Products can be embellished using buttons, applique, fabric paint, patchwork pieces, embroidery, even old jewellery to bling up and re-vamp an old t-shirt, or a strategic place on part of a garment such as on a pocket, collar or waist or hemline! Get Creative!

Who is the course aimed at?
This course is aimed and those with basic sewing skills who wish to develop their skills further.

What will students have learnt by the end of the course?
You will learn a variety of upcycle ideas and methods, such as patchworking, applique work and changing a male shirt into a female form, with soft tailoring techniques. Your tutor also offers frequent demonstrations throughout the course to keep inspiration flowing. Developing your creative processes and building on your sewing skills, such as deconstruct-reconstructing garments and transformations.

Do students need any skills, experience or qualifications before joining the course?
Some previous sewing skills may be an advantage but you will obtain more skills needed to create numerous design ideas and methods using deconstruction and reconstruction techniques. Both machine and hand sewing techniques, such as hand embroidery and embellishments are an advantage also but these can be explored in the course.

What equipment and materials will students need for the course?
Needles and pins, tape measure, fabric scissors, tailor's chalk, stitch un-picker, cotton threads, assorted haberdashery (e.g. old buttons, lace, iron badges, embroidery, scraps of fabric/denim/soft leather) fashion magazines/sketch book, images or reference material for inspiration or Pinterest App.

Any fabrics / old t shirts / skirts / dresses / jeans / items of old pre-loved clothing that you want to re-use, re-imagine, re-style, up-cycle into something new and beautiful!

What activities will the students take part in and how will the course be structured?
Using a pre-loved item of clothing, you will learn how to apply design principles and both machine sewn and hand sewing construction techniques, to make a unique piece of upcycled, sustainable clothing. You will research ideas initially and create a mood board either using Pinterest or produce a paper collage from magazines. You may use sewing machines, hand sewing and embroidery, fabric paints, beading, applique and embellishments. You will leave the course with a completed garment and some will also have a technical file of samples. You will need to bring one or two of your own garments to use during this course.
Sewing both by hand and machine. The list is endless, and personalised to mark your individual stamp and wear or showcase your personalised and unique designs.

What is expected of students in terms of personal or time commitment?
Students are expected to attend all sessions, and if they can't make it to inform the class tutor or centre as soon as possible. Students will also be expected to record their learning and progress with the support of their tutor. In some cases homework may be set.

How will students learning be assessed and reviewed?
Learners will complete an individual learning plan (ILP) after discussion with tutor. Continuous assessment of progress throughout the course, by observation and discussion. Progress will be recorded on ILPs. Students will complete an individual diary to record their learning each week. Students will recieve verbal and written feedback from their tutor.

What could students go onto to after they have finished the course?
You will be able to progress onto further sustainable fashion, disciplines and related courses to develop your skills.

    Tue 18 Jan 2022 - Tue 29 Mar 2022
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    This course is funded by Leeds City Council and has 3 rates:
    Full Rate: £70
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