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Until Fri 31 Dec 2022
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 A storytelling walk around Leeds city centre for ages 9+

Take a walk through Leeds and go on a journey back in time to hear from some amazing people in history – war heroes, circus entertainers, suffragettes, and more! All you need is a mobile phone or MP3 player and headphones. This entertaining and engaging sound experience is free and perfect for the whole family to enjoy together.

Listen to all the stories and download a map to follow online here:

At each stop there is someone waiting to tell you an extraordinary story about their life and explain why the place where you are is important to them.

Discover the daring suffragette who went to Armley Jail after fighting for what she believed; a war hero defending a country he had just arrived in; a circus ringleader whose death-defying arena became the scene of a huge disaster; and a stall owner’s success turning his penny bazaar into one of the most famous stores in the world. It all started in the centre of Leeds...

Leeds City Centre

United Kingdom

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    Until Fri 31 Dec 2022
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    All you need is a smart phone, MP3 player, or Wi-Fi enabled tablet, using headphones to access the walk at

    The route of the walk is fully wheelchair accessible.

    The full script and a short summary of what you will hear at each of the stops are available to support everyone to fully access the walk.

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