Pottery course
Swarthmore Education Centre
Mon 25 Apr 2022 - Mon 25 Jul 2022
Pottery - Mixed Ability course
Adults only
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Swarthmore Education Centre

A mixed ability course, where those new to pottery and those with experience can develop pottery skills, build confidence and help improve health and well being by being creative. Those new to pottery will learn techniques including coiling, slab building, using moulds, using the potter's wheel and glazing. Experienced students can devise their own projects with the help of the tutor. All techniques are demonstrated by the tutor.

Beginners can learn how to make pottery using traditional pottery techniques, experienced learners can develop their skills and learn new ones with expert guidance.

Who is the course aimed at?
Mixed Ability. All are welcome.

What will students have learnt by the end of the course?
Beginners: You will have learnt how to make coil pots, slab pots, moulded pots, throwing on the wheel and glazing. Experienced: Will have advanced their skills to achieve their personal learning plan, as agreed with the tutor.

Do students need any skills, experience or qualifications before joining the course?
None needed.

What equipment and materials will students need for the course?
Materials and equipment are provided. There is a firing charge of £2.50 a kilo. Learners must bring their own apron, mask and an old towel if they are throwing.

What activities will the students take part in and how will the course be structured?
Beginners: Each week a new technique will be explained, discussed and demonstrated. Learners will then practise the technique for themselves. For example: Building coil pots, slab pots, moulded dishes and thrown pots as well as using glazes and decorative techniques. The course is designed to equip learners with a basic understanding of the main pottery-making methods. Experienced: Discussion with the tutor to arrive at an individual learning plan for each learner, designed to further practise and expand their existing skills through personal projects. Individual and small group demonstrations of advanced techniques as required.

What is expected of students in terms of personal or time commitment?
Students are expected to attend all sessions, and if they can't make it to inform the class tutor or centre as soon as possible. Students will also be expected to record their learning and progress with the support of their tutor.

How will students learning be assessed and reviewed?
Learners will complete an individual learning plan (ILP) after discussion with tutor. Continuous assessment of progress throughout the course, by observation and discussion. Progress will be recorded on ILPs. Students will complete an individual diary to record their learning each week. Students will recieve verbal and written feedback from their tutor.

What could students go onto to after they have finished the course?
Continue developing their skills by attending more pottery classes at Swarthmore or elsewhere. Experienced learners may be able to set up to make pots at home.

    Mon 25 Apr 2022 - Mon 25 Jul 2022
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    This course is a Swarthmore course and has 3 rates:
    Full Rate: £212
    Reduced Rate: £164 (For those in receipt of state pension)
    Low Rate: £116 (For those in receipt of income-based state benefits)
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