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Leeds Needs Help: A Council In Session

Leeds Needs Help: A Council In Session
Dates and times

9 May 2019 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Show Map

Sheaf St Cafeteria

Duke Studios, 3 Sheaf St , Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1HD

Self-styled self-help to make you laugh out loud.

From the creators of self-help comedy cabaret ‘You Need Help’ comes a one-off evening of sketches, stand-up, lip-syncs and town-planning.

Self-styled self-help gurus Harry and Jessie have taken it upon themselves to ‘fix’ Leeds and its unsuspecting citizens. After speaking to the people and researching the issues facing the city, they have put together a new vision for a CITY OF THE FUTURE! *repeats ‘future’ in an echoing voice*!! Armed with a misplaced sense of confidence and no legitimate qualifications between them, they will present their ‘vision’ for public consultation – whether the public want it or not.

Leeds Needs Help is an evening of alternative comedy madness with one aim: to help the people of Leeds to “be normal or die trying”. Expect dark humour, sassy musical numbers and a selection of local guest comedy performers designed to leave you feeling fabulous (or at least a little perplexed).

If you’ve ever felt lost, if you’ve ever felt broken by the modern world, or if you’ve ever just got really annoyed on the inner ring road, then this is the show for you. Leeds Needs Help promises to solve all or none of these issues.

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Please check times with event organiser for any last minute changes.

Tickets: £8.50

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Leeds International Festival
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