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Rob Wilson
17 Jun 2021
16 Dec 2021
Leeds Freedom Families
Adults only
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Angels of Freedom

The Leeds Freedom Families launched in February 2019, with the aim to provide a supportive network of parents & guardians with LGBTQ+ children (of any age). We suspended activities throughout 2020 due to Covid, but have since relaunched in a virtual capacity with a new monthly session.

Whilst the group re-establishes itself in 2021 we’re focusing initially on networking, to bring together parents with experience of supporting their LGBTQ+ children. As we increase this engagement we will look to expand to incorporate opportunities to champion the LGBT+ community as allies, whilst offering a safe compassionate environment for those parents who need support.

By creating a non-judgemental safe space we encourage open dialogue to assist in the acceptance stage of family supporting their children in coming out as LGBT+, along with identifying opportunities to be champions for the community.

In addition to this peer support and networking online session we also encourage parents and their children to attend our monthly LGBT+ Coffee & Cake Cafe event on the first Tuesday of the month.

    17 Jun 2021 - 16 Dec 2021
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    Thu 18 Nov 2021
    5:30 pm
    Thu 16 Dec 2021
    5:30 pm

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