Digital illustration of a man screaming in fear, with green liquid dripping down his face.
Lee Bentham
26 Sep 2021
Lee Video presents: Troll 2
Adults only
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Lee Video

Grab a drink and get ready to laugh out loud as you watch the cult film behind the meme.

Surreal dialogue, terrible performances and a bizarre plot are all reasons that Troll 2 is hailed today as a camp cult classic, spawning annual watch parties, a feature length documentary and even a three day festival in the USA.

And trust us, you do not need to see Troll 1 to follow the plot.. .

Starring: A bunch of people who had never acted before and will never act again.

Troll 2 | 1990 | 1h 35m | USA | Rated 15

Archive Leeds is an independent coffee house and event space in Leeds. Come check out this cool space and their onsite bar.

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Prime Studios, 94 Kirkstall Road
United Kingdom

53.80102, -1.56693

    26 Sep 2021
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