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Hula Hoop Fitness with Poppy

Hula Hoop Fitness with Poppy
Dates and times

8 Jan 2020 - 22 Jan 2020

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Open Source Arts

Open Source Arts, Unit 1A, Aire Place Mills, 143 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS3 1JL

Hula Hoop fitness with Poppy! A fun alternative to going to the gym! An aerobic workout like no other!

Improve your fitness, strength, balance and coordination. Rest your mind from daily stress and exercise your body in this fun and nonjudgmental hoop dance class!

This one-hour hoop fitness class could lose you 450 calories! A cardiovascular fitness program that will get oxygen flowing round your body as you flow around your hoop. This meditative dance state can reduce stress and build confidence!

This is for EVERYONE - Poppy has experience teaching all ages, from 2-82, she welcomes all to her classes!

3 week breakdown:

WEEK 1 (Wednesday 8TH January): Abs and Arms.

Warm-up: The warmup will focus on the movement of our waist, chest, hips, necks, shoulders, arms and wrists. With relaxing and meditative stretches, we will pay attention to the movement of our core.
Waist Hula hooping: Learn the hooping secrets and master the art of waist hooping! Feel the movement of the hoop, and let your waist push it around, see if you can put your hands inside without touching the hoop. Learn how to bring the hoop up and down your body.
Arm and hand hula hooping: Finding the waist difficult? Remember it is the same rule on any part of your body…now let’s try moving your arms or hands up and down! Once you have that try bringing your arm in and out or moving the hoop around in a big circle to make a flower pattern.
Yes, all these moves make a dance routine… let’s give it a go!
Doubles! Try the same hand and arms moves with two hoops for a grand finale.
Cool Down: Stretch the parts of your body that have been working hard (your chest, hips, necks, shoulders, arms and wrists) in this relaxing cooldown.

WEEK 2 (Wednesday 15th January): Balance and Coordination.

Warmup: This warmup will be focused on balance and coordination, using inspiration from yoga and meditation practice.
Hoop Routine: This weeks hoop routine will be focused on isolations, balances, body rolls and hand tricks.
Cool Down: This cool down up will be focused on balance and coordination, using inspiration from yoga and meditation practice.

WEEK 3 (Wednesday 22nd January): Quadriceps and Calves.

Warmup: This weeks warmup will focus on quadriceps and calves with some energetic fitness training and a calmer meditative approach to finish.
This week’s Hoop Routine includes: Hoop squats, knee hooping, wedges, foot hooping, leg hooping.
Cool Down: This cool down up will be focused on stretching out your legs and feet that have been working hard!

Wear Leggings and a t-shirt (sportswear).
Bring a bottle of water.

More about facilitator Poppy:
Poppy has toured internationally performing circus shows and delivering workshops in a variety of places from; prisons, schools, charity organisations, community centres, theatres, festivals and events. After studying, BA Drama with a specialist in community theatre and workshop facilitation, Poppy toured India with the NGO Performers Without Borders. This is when her hobby of circus performance merged into a passionate career platform. It is here, that she fell in love with hula hoops. It is fair to say that since then Poppy has rarely put her hula hoops down. She settled in Leeds and set up her own entertainment company Poppins Presents. Poppins Presents playful shows and workshops for all people, age 2-82 because every individual has the right to play.

Poppy is passionate about not only the joy hula hoops can bring but the impact they can have on both our physical and mental health. “Hula hooping has improved my strength, balance, coordination! As a child I was clumsy and creative, with little interest in PE; never did I think I would be teaching a fitness programme. Hula hooping is my passion, it keeps me fit, strong and flexible, but most importantly happy! I, therefore, vouch that if you’ve struggled to find a form of exercise that you enjoy or are motivated to do, then hula hooping may be for YOU!”

See more here >,,,

Hula Hooping for health and happiness!

Tickets are limited for this class so we recommend buying the 3 block class pass in advance on our website for £18! Tickets may be available for £6 on the door (spaces are limited).

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During this period of social distancing and lockdown due to Coronavirus we advise that you check directly with the organiser of this event that it is going ahead as publicised.

The downstairs level is accessable by wheelchair. The upper level where the dance studio and cafe are situated is not.

Open Source Arts
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