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28 Oct 2020
25 Nov 2021
Gin & Games
Adults only
Event organiser:
Cards or Die

Cards or Die and Hotham's Gin School and Distillery present -  the ultimate after school club!

Join us in our bar, 'The Bar Upstairs', for Gin & Games - Board Games Night.

Who doesn't love a board game, great company, and a delicious drink?

Join Ann, from Cards or Die for a fun night of games in our Distillery Bar.

Tickets are just £5 and include expert tuition and a vast selection of games to play.

Cards or Die offers games for all abilities and interests, bringing a range of new games to learn and traditional games to reminisce with.

The event will be table service -

Book in Advance
You need to wash your hands / use hand sanitiser before handling any of the games.
I will come to your table with your requested game (s) or I can chat you through a few games that you might enjoy and help you choose.
I'll collect them once you are finished and get you another game.
After the games are taken from the table I will put them away and no-one else will play with them for at least 72 hours. When I get home I will sterilise all the pieces that I can.
As usual I will be there to explain/ teach/ introduce games and there is no pressure to finish a game if you aren't enjoying it. I will get you a different one.
With 400 games in the collection I'm in a great position to ensure that even when some games are packed away there will still be an amazing array of choices.

    28 Oct 2021 & 25 Nov 2021
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    Thu 28 Oct 2021
    7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
    Thu 25 Nov 2021

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    Box Office
    07923 104618

    Tickets are £5 per person. 

    Relaxed and Dementia Friendly Performance