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Body Mind and Spirit: Inspirational and Transformational Workshop

Body Mind and Spirit: Inspirational and Transformational Workshop
Dates and times

14 Apr 2018 - 18 Apr 2018

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The Queens Hotel

City Square, Leeds, LS1 1PJ

SECRETS / D.A.R.E Therapy Induction

the Body, Mind and Spirit Tranformational workshop

Be inspired with radical self- discovery, transformational awakenings and inspirational guidance, ditching past and Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption to embrace new living. Improve self-esteem, confidence and abundance.

SECRETS gives the WoW factor, transformational and inspirational 3 or 5-day workshop. Where we look at the hidden factors that are keeping us stuck in life. Universal facts and solutions are shared for a New LIFE. Transformations take place while on the 5- day course and keeps giving, continuing the upshift and expansion on all levels even when workshop finished. The ripple effect to family and loved ones is extraordinary. Giving the ripple effect, as we change so do those around us.

Jettison, enjoy peace and contentment, expand the heart to new vistas of receiving. Through the ages we have become lost and unaware of what makes us tick, losing sight of who we really are. Being overlaid by expectations and conditioning becoming a Shell of Soul, a faded aspect of who we once were. Jettison groundhog replay and embrace new living, connect and awaken our internal Sat Nav to assist. Receive upgrade and upshift of the inner self. Includes daily clearing of emotional links retraining mind and emotions.

Find out more, how we are unaware of what we hold and what subconsciously drives us. Inherited Generational Trauma (IGTA) impacts go to deeper and wider than we think. Affecting self-esteem, self-worth and confidence, involved in depression and anxiety. Historically affected psychologically and physically lay hidden. Promises, Vows and Karma also have influences that limit and cap us daily. Rewire the internal Sat Nav and receive the New App for Life. Receive the upshift in energy and abundance. Enhance energetics, 6th sense abilities for new direction.

A dual approach SECRETS is open to anyone no previous experience is necessary. 3 or 5-day option. Transforming self from inside out SECRETS is the workshop that keeps giving even when the workshop is done. On-going processes will continue for some time. Manual, Certificate and 3 CD’s for home self-help. CPD approved

Interfacing induction entry level for D.A.R.E integrated intuitive practitioners training: built around a combination of advanced clinical techniques that works on an Energetic, Spiritual, Cellular, Mental and Emotional level to clear out old patterns and behaviour beliefs. As we are all on our path of rejuvenation, it works with past and present to deal with Aquarian needs. Bringing a quick, effortless and effective resolve for client, clearing blockages and allowing the soul to move and grow.

The advantages of induction programme are many fold, as well as learning new techniques the student can jettison their own emotional issues, default patterns and triggers, clearing baggage through the ages in individual and group training.

A blend of clinical, quantum-field energetic techniques and psychological skills. Putting fragmented and separated distant parts of our lives back into alignment. D.A.R.E also incorporates prevention within its ethos and deliverance in training.

All training courses are CPD approved. Promoting Health happiness and future destiny

Read article Inner Gold

Founder Joy Wisdom Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015: Author, Tutor and Trainer, specialist in IGTA, emotional, psychological issues, Women’s and Children’s health.

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Please check times with event organiser for any last minute changes.

Visa and debit card accepted call office 01691 718927 Attend One-Day IGTA workshop 11th March and receive £40 off Secrets 5-day workshop Attend ONE Day Introduction to D.A.R.E and receive a voucher off Induction cost Once 5-day option training complete includes £100 discount voucher off D.A.R.E practitioners training Reviews at reduced price - Spread cost options Times 10-5.45 approx. daily:  Bring a blanket and pillow for daily clearings Includes large manual, certificate, 3 CD's for home development: all courses CPD approved

Wheelchair Access
  • Adults only
  • Wheelchair access
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