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Between Bodies

Between Bodies
Dates and times

3 Nov 2018 - 25 Nov 2018

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Assembly House

44 Canal Road, Leeds, LS12 2PL

Painting has often depicted the human figure as an image or surface, it's exterior displayed in aesthetic form. Similarly today, much is seen to be presented on the outside. We wear our lives like clothing, a patchwork of events, photos and opinions displayed and performed online. But what really lies behind or beyond those chosen moments is much more complex. Painting, with its inherently selective process of exposure and erasure, has the potential to reveal the less perfect but far more intimate reality. In Between Bodies the image of the body is distorted, doubled, fragmented and expanded through paint to probe what comes from within - to go beyond - the body.

In order to make sense of the self and its’ place within its’ environment, this exhibition explores the dichotomy between the image and the bodily experience. The artists exhibited depict disparate worlds in paint to create spaces that are sparse or intricately decorative, either way ambiguous settings for figures to inhabit. Be they placed within familiar domestic interiors, or moving fluidly through the sublime outdoors, the body is always framed within the canvas. Just as the experience of the self is morphed from both outer surroundings and inner consciousness, the works shown reflect this by fusing painterly tropes with depicted imaginings and figures that address their own and each other’s existence. Between Bodies presents works that build tension and relationships between depicted figures while also setting up potential dialogues between the paintings. The group of artists reveal the inner workings of human experience while testing the boundaries of figuration within contemporary painting. The body is explored as as an image and vehicle for thought; through visceral skin and flesh; challenging pose and gaze; with poetics and feeling.

Emma Cousin, Lewis Hammond, Mona Osman, Neena Percy, Ellie Pratt, Babette Semmer, Lucy Stein,Emma Talbot, Rose Williams, Tom Worsfold

Curated by Neena Percy and Ellie Pratt.

3rd - 25th November (2018)
Assembly House Leeds
PV 3rd November, 6-9pm

Between Bodies is part of Painting Programme.

Painting programme is a seven-month programme of painting exhibitions curated by different painters, each of whom are invite by Assembly House studio holders. The exhibitions which will explore the role, possibilities and responsibility of collective artistic activity today as well as expose the curators’ unique approach to making, and their appreciation of dynamics within art.

The programme is structured by each studio holder who extends an invitation to another painter, each of whom has been asked to curate a painting-focused exhibition. Within this framework the curating artist can navigate their own interests for each exhibition. The exhibitions will bring together a range of artists within the philosophy that they are all painters together, pitching in and carving out ideas across a broad spectrum of creative activity.

Each exhibition will expose the curators’ unique approach to making, and their appreciation of dynamics within art. It will also give them chance to develop meaningful relationships and dialogues between artists. The programme is broadly removing the role of the gallerist as curator with the value of handing direction to artists.

Programme Co-ordinators

Suzy Babington | Rufus Newell | Jack Towndrow | Rosie Vohra

Painting Programme is co-ordinated by Assembly House studio holders.

[image: Emma Cousin, Birds get vertigo?, oil on canvas, 170x190cm, 2018]

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Assembly House enterance is a fire door, located immediately left of slates furniture shop.

Unfortunately we have no disabled access.

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