Members of the Caribbean Cricket Club formed by Jamaican WW2 veterans in 1948 and their families
1 Oct 2021 - 31 Oct 2021
Back To Life
Black History Month

Curated by Susan Pitter, Back To Life is a legacy of the Jamaica Society Leeds' 2019 Eulogy Project commemorating first generation Jamaicans of Leeds who arrived in the 1940s – 60s.

View the exhibition online here.

Scores of black and white photos of the pioneering generation were collected for the project – photos taken before their arrival or in their new home city and sent to family in Jamaica.

Adding colour to decades-old black, white and grey photos illuminates their lives as young people; hints at the personalities behind outfit choices, allows us to see Leeds and Jamaica as they were in days gone by.

Colour brings a remembered generation back to life.

    1 Oct 2021 - 31 Oct 2021
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