People squat mid flow in an energetic dance with their hands out to the side, in front of a mirror on a golden dance floor
Antonio Bukhar Ssebuuma
Sat 27 Nov 2021
Afro–fusion dance workshop with Antonio Bukhar
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Adults only
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Open Source Arts

This workshop focuses on Afro-fusion dance style, a polyrhythmic expressive dance from Africa mainly danced to afro-beats and afro-pop songs. Antonio’s versatility in styles influences the incorporation of other dance techniques, such as: Dancehall, Hip-hop, House and Traditional Ugandan movements, thus creating a link between indigenous forms of expression with the current trend.

The session shall enable participants to derive new meaning from their dance practice and broaden their movement vocabulary, while experiencing a unique way of dance learning. It will challenge participants’ sense of rhythm, body coordination and stamina through a fun, safe, warm, energetic and celebrative communal dance environment. 

The underlying idea is to stir freedom of expression. Digging deeper into exploring individual selves, using an expressive dance style – Afro-fusion as the tool. The session is accommodative to diverse dance backgrounds and levels of experiences.

The class will include:

  • An Intro about the aims of the sessions, brief about the teacher, style of practice and the structure of the class.
  • An ice breaking warmup session using a free – imitative method to prepare the muscles and joints for the intensity, accompanied by a moment of stretching. 
  • A phrase shall be taught to the participants that includes about 30 % freestyle/improvisation. 
  • Group work will ensue & reflective discussions to unpack the experience. Antonio’s methods that aid free expression and sense of community include: ‘Face to Face’, ‘Silent Disco’, ‘Bonfire’ and ‘un-coding/break rules’
  • The session climaxes with cool down and feedback notice board

Wear something comfortable and stretchy, and remember to bring your water bottle because it will be sweaty

**Session will take place in the studio so we kindly ask not to wear shoes whilst in there!


Antonio came across the knowledge of dance through peer-to-peer learning in informal dance communities in Uganda. He witnessed first-hand how each young person emerged different from the experience. This shaped his world view of what dance is and what it could be! An experience that transcends beyond form. 

Throughout his classes, he aims at creating a space that allows participants to translate the moment to their personal stories and other areas of their lives. Using a holistic approach to share control over the process and offer a meaningful experience.

 A little bit about Antonio:

Antonio Bukhar Ssebuuma is a dance teacher and performer from Uganda. He currently works as a dance lecturer at the Northern School of Contemporary dance. His artistic practice works with a blend of styles, namely Afro-fusion, hip-hop, dancehall, breaking, contemporary, house and Ugandan traditional dances.

He has worked in diverse cultural, artistic, and social contexts across Africa, Europe and Australasia. These include disadvantaged communities such as slums, orphanages and refugee centres and, theatres, festivals, schools and Universities. 

He was awarded the Pina Bausch fellowship of dance in 2017 as a visiting dance scholar at the University of Auckland, as well as receiving the Caroline Plummer Community Dance Fellowship at the University of Otago in 2019.

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    Sat 27 Nov 2021
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