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Black History Month in Leeds 2021
October 2021

Black History Month celebrates black history, art and culture in the UK and beyond. The national organisation for BHM have launched ‘Proud To Be’ as part of this year's campaign to encourage Black and Brown people to share what they are proud to be and recognise the incredible richness of Black and Brown heritage in the UK.

This is our page of events celebrating Black History Month throughout October 2021 in Leeds and online. BHM listings are being added to Leeds Inspired by event organisers all the time so please pop back to see what's new.

21 Sep 2021
14 Dec 2021
Kirkstall Abbey
01 Oct 2021
31 Oct 2021
Online Event
01 Oct 2021
31 Dec 2021
Online Event
17 Oct 2021
Leeds University Union
23 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021
Parkinson Building Steps
29 Oct 2021
Howard Assembly Room
30 Oct 2021
Leeds Lockhouse