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We Are Hiit & Yoga

We Are Hiit & Yoga
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We Are Wellness

2 North Hill Road, Leeds, LS6 2EN

We are combining our 2 favourite ways to work out in the studio. HIIT and yoga, yang and yin or more technically a workout that addresses your fast twitch or Type II muscle fibres (HIIT) and your stabilisers or Type I muscle fibres.
Combining these 2 forms of movement into one session means you will get muscle building and cardiovascular training, work on burst strength or ‘power’, strengthen your important stabilising muscles that help protect you, create space (flexibility) to help muscles move efficiently, have a good sweat and learn to connect with the breath and switch on the relaxation response.

You will leave feeling invigorated but totally at ease. A pretty effective session if we do say so ourselves.
What to expect:

The HIIT (high intensity interval training) element is a 30min session broken down into intervals of work and rest. The movements performed are designed to work all areas of the body, starting with strength and moving to the higher energy, cardio movements. This is the kind of workout that will improve your sprint finish in a race, or that power to get you up the steep incline on your bike. It is short, sweaty and wonderfully invigorating. It is the perfect cross training for yoga, running, cycling…anything endurance based. It will help you build power, strength and work on those short, sharp bursts of cardio that boost the metabolism.

The YOGA element is 30 minutes of slow flow, body opening, long hold stretches all with a strong connection to breath. This will help bring our bodies back to balance creating lean, strong muscle.

This is an all levels class as we all move at our own maximum and there are always low impact versions of each HIIT movement.

This class is usually taught by Helena Byles

Every Tuesday at 6.45pm – 7.45pm
Every Friday at 10am – 11am

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This class costs £8 to drop in or a 10 class pass for 60 minute classes costs £70.
All 10 class passes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

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Please check times with event organiser for any last minute changes.

This class costs £8 to drop in, a 10 class pass for 60 minute classes costs £70
or a 20 class pass costs £130.
All class passes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
We also offer an unlimited monthly class pass for £65 see our prices page.

We Are Wellness
  • Healthy Living
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