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The First Film: A Special Screening

The First Film: A Special Screening
Dates and times

25 Feb 2017 10:30am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm

Show Map

Leeds Industrial Museum

Canal Road, Armley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 2QF

In October 1888 Louis Le Prince produced the world's first films in Leeds. These were shot on cameras patented in both America and the UK. Once he had perfected his projection machine Le Prince arranged to demonstrate his discovery to the American public and thus the world. On 16th September 1890, just weeks before he was due to sail to New York Louis Aime Augustine Le Prince stepped onto the Dijon to Paris train and was never seen again. No body was ever found so legally no one could fight the Le Prince claim that he invented a camera that recorded the very first moving image. As a result, several years later, Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers were to claim the glory and the prize of being acknowledged as the first people to pioneer film. Louis Le Prince was never added to history books. But for one lone voice, who worked with him, Le Prince's name and his pioneering work was forgotten.

The First Film is a feature length documentary proving once and for all Le Prince made the world's very first moving image film from a single point of view in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

Leeds born and educated filmmaker David Nicholas Wilkinson spent 33 years trying to bring The First Film to the cinema to prove once and for all that the world's first film was shot in Leeds. Following a very successful run in the cinema in the UK, USA, Russia, Canada, Ireland and Belgium and coverage on News At Ten, the Today programme, Daily Telegraph, Times etc.

This is Wilkinson's thank you to Armley Mills who feature throughout the film and were the first Leeds institution to support the film. 

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Please check times with event organiser for any last minute changes.

Museum entry fee only. Screening free.  

David Nicholas Wilkinson will be signing copies of The First Film DVD and Made in Yorkshire book. £10 for both. RRP £37.99.    

Screens the films at Armley Mills on 25th February at 10.30, 12.30 and 2.30.


Wheelchair Access

A large proportion of Armley Mills is fully accessible. 

  • Wheelchair access
  • Film
  • Heritage
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