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An Arrangement In White

20th February 2013 - 13th March 2013

  • 1:00pm - 6:00pm every day until Wed 13 Mar 2013 with exceptions
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XO presents: An Arrangement in White

Jeffrey Baij / Garry Barker / Simon Boase / John Bohl / Cath Campbell / Toby Christian / Kitty Clark / Jay Cover / Caroline Dawson / Pete Ellis / Andreas Ervik / Alex Farrar / Jack Fisher / Ryan Gander / Graham Gussin / Verity Hatfield / James Hines / Penny Klepuszewska / Damien Knightley / Rory Macbeth / Harry Meadley / Andreas Meinich / Briony Mullan / Richard Paul / Tom Railton / Alexis Rago / Simon Ringe / Tai Shani / David Steans / Rachel Westerman /

An exhibition of works brought together through a shared aesthetic choice, one that attempts to study our relationship with the colour white and the significance, that such a simple distinction can retain. Within the gallery, white creates an immersive space away from mundane distractions, that promotes clear vision and thought. As a homage to the white cube space 'An Arrangement in White' makes more room for this intellectual freedom.

There has been no colour whose history has been as fluid and contradictory as that of the colour white. As an absolute; white has been both representative of purity, the sublime & divinity as well as oppression & its wholesale ideological misuse in fascism. The 'Moral White' was thought capable by many to naturally elicit social reform, through its omnipresence in public and domestic settings, as a complete negation of decadent bourgeois decoration.

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